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Naturally Bumpy Hair

Do you ever feel like this? Why can’t I have real wavy hair in stead of naturally gigantic bumpy hair? I guess it counts as wavy. What are your hair woes?
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Pineapple Joy.

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So this thing is awesome for pineappling. Got it at Bed Bath and beyond. I don’t have quite enough hair to keep it in all night but I just put a big duck bill styling clip through my hair across is and that works fine. Just the right tension of restraint. This would be fantastic for thick haired folks. Super soft and would not dent at all.

3rd Day refresh success!

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Super happy with this Day 3 refresh. I’m currently using a spray bottle with about 1 cup water, 3 drops lavender oil and about a third of a dropper of Argan oil instead of plain  water to spritz down morning hair. I call it Lavender argan water. So I did a medium amount of spritz down with that and then about one pump of Deva Supercream  scrunched in all over the length and then Curly Hair Solutions CurlKeeper. Surprisingly good combo!  #hair #hairofinstagram #bbloggers #wavy #wavybob #wavyhair #wavyswavy #wavyswavyhair #curlyhair #curls

Olaplex #3 overnight and Curl Junkie Coffee Cocoa Creme Lite

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Well results after Olaplex step #3 overnight. (Have not had a full treatment. Just the take home stuff) But I did a ton of squish to condish with Tresemme perfectly undone in the shower. I used ONE styler, Curl Junkie Coffee Cocoa Curl Creme lite. Only second time trying that, first time I’ve tried it by itself. No gel. I’m pretty impressed. Since sleeping overnight in the Olaplex didn’t make it icky or anything I will do it once a week until the bottle is gone and see if that is more impressive than I originally thought. I only used it once before. It seemed no better than a good deep condition. But it sure has bounce today with only one product styling which is unheard of for me.

3rd Day Refresh Daily Routine (DR)

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Refreshed with @herbivorebotanicals Sea Mist, then water spritz, scrunched in a couple handfuls of Tresemme Perfectly UnDone Sea Foam, diffused and then scrunched in Jeff Chastain TexturizIng paste. Slightly diffused again. Ok for third day. #hair #hairofinstagram #hairofig #wavy #wavybob #wavygirl #wavyhair #wavycurls #wavyswavy #curls #wavycurlyhair #wavycurls #bbloggers