Naturally Bumpy Hair

Do you ever feel like this? Why can’t I have real wavy hair in stead of naturally gigantic bumpy hair? I guess it counts as wavy. What are your hair woes?
from Instagram:

6 thoughts on “Naturally Bumpy Hair”

  1. Yyyyyup. It’s so frustrating because it just looks like my hair’s a mess when it’s like that. I was getting my hair to curl more a little bit ago and it was all frizz free and awesome until suddenly it just died again. I have no idea what to even make of it.

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      1. No way! Sometimes I do but other times it doesn’t curl at all and it’s just like yours in this picture. I think the amount of moisture in my hair matters a lot, and going to the beach this summer really damaged it. I didn’t take the precautions I’d read you should take because I was lazy and didn’t want to seem obsessive about my hair, and it’s really suffered since. I gave it a sulfate shampoo and that helped a bit but it’s still not curling much these days.


  2. So glad I found your page through naturally curly. I am probably a 2a – MAYBE a 2b on good days. I always used to describe my hair as ‘cat lady crazy’ because it would never ‘behave’ like my friends hair that was straight OR my cousins hair that was curly. I definitely had frizzy ‘straight’ hair unless I broke out my flat iron.

    I just cut 6″ off my hair and it is suddenly much curlier, so I’m experimenting with shampoos/conditioners/products. I’m trying to save money by buying the smaller ‘travel’ sizes when possible. I already discovered my hair doesn’t like protein!


    1. Also remember places like Ulta and Target have great return policies so you can try things without going broke. I returned a hella lot of product in my time, but the ones I keep are ones that work well.


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