Scrunch out the Crunch: Frizz reducing alternative


Nation, do you ever go to scrunch out your clumps and everything comes apart?  All your great looking waves that you know are waiting just fall apart? Or are you a frizz prone wavy or curly and scrunching out crunch creates frizz so you stay away from the crunchy products that will actually set your waves and curls better?

Then here is an alternative way to SOTC (Scrunch Out the Crunch) method for you. Over on the Wavy Hair Community Wendy, from the Science-y Hairblog and the fabulous Etsy hair analysis shop GoosefootPrints, presented us with an idea that I, at least, have seen no where else. It’s called rope scrunching. I made a short video to introduce you to it.  It really does help SOTC without destroying clumps and curls and might be a great thing for you to add to your arsenal of hair techniques.

Take sections of your crunchy hair and without pulling on it, twist the section, kind of pressing as you go. The crunch will come out, but it won’t be going against the clump like bottom scrunching does. Here is a little video demonstrating it!

Isn’t that brilliant?

Edit: Wendy pointed me at this Ouidad video where they show twist/rope type scrunching. Still brilliant and I’m leaving my plugs in.