Short Diffuser Tip

Hola! Wavy Nation, I realized I have added a new little technique to my diffusing. I tend to think of my hair as something I am sculpting. I’m not as good as my friend Wendy over at Science-y Hair Blog at molding waves, but I do think of hair as something you can manipulate. I realized the other day when diffusing that after a first go through in setting waves, I then begin to section my hair so that, whether using a regular bowl or the Deva hand defuser, I can get up close to the scalp and get that area the same 80% or so as dry as my length. I think that helps prevent pull out. Curlies, with stronger patterns and lighter, finer hair don’t have that issue, but we wavies kind of fight a battle between a ration of of water to wave. You need the water for the pattern to appear but once you have put in your products, it’s a timing tightrope you tread in getting hair to dry evenly so that the wave doesn’t pull out. Products matter but so does technique. I think this helps and I hope you find this little video helpful.

Also, I pointed out my little spot on my face that they shaved off to test. It was indeed basal cell carcinoma. If you think that little spot stands out, check it out now that they excised it. WEAR YOU SUNSCREEN. If you have kids make them wear sunscreen. We get something like 85% of our lifetime sun exposure by the time we are 18. I know it will heal but it’s no fun feeling like Frankenstein.



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