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Nation, we need to have a talk about frizzitude. Frizzitude is the overamplification of one’s own frizz. Over and over I have people say to me “OMG I’m just a huge FRIZZBALL!” and I peer at their head and see a little halo frizz. I see something that says “my hair is naturally curly/wavy”. It says, “I have real hair”. It’s almost never something that I would even notice if they didn’t say “OMG! OMG! FRIZZ! Look at the frizz!”

I believe that the root is in the commercially presented perfect and shiny model hair that has been ironed flat, siliconed to perdition and then curled again. Fake curls. Fake waves. Presented as “You TOO can have this hair if you buy X”.

Everyone needs to learn to discern a real frizztastrophe from some halo frizz. Can you aim for even less halo frizz? Sure. Trying to tame your frizz is laudable. But, I think it is equally important to come to terms with not looking ONLY at any frizz you happen to be experiencing.

Because this only leads to thinking that this:


Looks like this:


Just stop it.

I will freely admit, I don’t have the kind of frizz a tighter wave or curl is prone to. I’m of the ilk of the pokey frizzer.

photoBaby, kinky hairs poking straight out into the universe. But that said, I am surrounded by women who say “The frizz, look!” and I just see some very light curls over the surface of their hair which to me are reminiscent of a lovely croquembouche. I wouldn’t even really notice if they didn’t point it out. I’m just focused on the lovely curls inside.

So, thank you magazines and tv shows, for warping our image of curly wavy hair to about as realistic of a view of frizz as I have of good skin. Or normal thighs. Re-organizing our way of imaging our hair in our mind is hard and takes the eradication of something that took a lot of work, straightening and re-wavying to look perfectly natural from our good hair day goal.

If you have any tips that work for you to tame frizz, please share, because I’ll admit, I don’t have answers. But also remember, most likely you are the only one noticing your frizztastrophe. If anyone does point it out, just smile and change the subject. After all, it’s really none of their business.




10 thoughts on “Frizzitudes”

  1. I don’t have a ton either, being, like you, a “wavy imposter” and I live in a dry climate where we are lucky to get dews in the 50s in summer (and they are into the single digits in winter!) but unless my hair looks like that second pic, I ain’t gonna sweat it. Even if I sweat. 🙂

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  2. I’m really enjoying your blog so far! I sometimes wish I did more vlogging but is too much in combo with YouTube.

    And you hit the nail on the head with this post. Preach! Between, rain, humidity, wind, and general dryness of textured hair we are bound to get some frizz. But it’s not the end of the world 🙂

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  3. Thats a great post 🙂
    I always tought I had naturally frizzy hair… Lol
    I think you already gave the best advice about frizz: we have to learn to embrace it… and to see beyond it…
    When I try to fight it too much it just gets worse, or I go crazy with products and it looks greasy/producty…
    But when I am too lazy to try to fix it I always get compliments of how magazine cover my hair is looking due to all the volume that comes with the frizz… I was even asked where I had gotten the hair extensions because they are looking so natural (there were no hair extensions… lol…)…. I only see the frizz but everyone else aparently sees magazine cover hair…


      1. i feel like thats the “madness” comes with wavy hair, hence why i picked the name wavy madness on naturally curly. with some wavies, at least for me, my hair is either frizzy and poofy, or its flat and producty. perhaps we should settle for a bit of frizz (which is most of the time all in our heads like you said) instead of compromising our natural volume, which we are trying to attain when we have put too much moisturizing stuff in it.


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